JW Electrical is a NICEIC APPROVED CONTRACTOR. Having this status means you can relax in the knowledge knowing that any work carried out by us will be done correctly, to the latest edition of BS7671, insured, certified and warranted for at least 1 year.

UK regulations allow anyone to carry out electrical work. This may result, in many cases, in poor electrical installation, which may lead to failures of the installations and fires.

Because the NICEIC approved contractors program has become the benchmark for electrical standards, most insurance companies insist that any installation that is newly insured or that has recently suffered a flood or fire should have a Safety Electrical Inspection & Testing carried out by an NICEIC contractor.

The NICEIC; National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting, initially vets all joining members, in order to establish whether they have the correct qualifications, premises and equipment to carry out the work to comply with BS7671. Subsequently, every year, each member is re-assessed with examples of work being selected by the NICEIC engineer for inspection to make sure the standards are being met by the contractor.

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